18 February 2020



De Cacao Fantasy Premium Vending Hot Choclate 1.5Kg decacaofantasy Douwe Egberts De Cacao Fantasy Premium Vending Hot Chocolate 1.5kg. 

For use in hot drink vending machines.

Maggi Tomato Premium Vending Soup Maggi Creamy Tomato Vending Soup is a deliciously creamy soup created specifically for use in all vendors. 1Kg
Vending cups Generic Brand 

Luxor Vending cups suitable for all vending machines 8oz
Premium Vending Beans 

Gourmet Special Roast

1 kg bags
Plastic Stirrers 90/115mm  

2 500 units per box
Regilait Powdered Milk Regilait smells and tastes just like fresh milk should without the problems associated with fresh milk such as the strict hygiene requirements 500 gram bags
Sugar sachets 2000 units per carton
Sipper Lids 100 lids per sleeve