18 February 2020



The word, “vend,” stems from the Latin term, vendere, which means to sell, or to give the public something/some item to purchase.

Most of us know this word from what we see or use on a daily basis – the ever-popular “vending machine”. When you are “vending,” you are basically supplying something for sale, making it readily available for purchase to the consumer.

We specialize in suppling and servicing vending machines nationwide. Choosing a vending solution from us have for the following benefits:

  • Free vending machine
  • Free installation
  • Free service
  • Profit share available

Crane Machines and Coffee Machines

Our vending machines are the ideal choice for retail stores, offices, factories, events centres, schools movie theatres, in or outside pubs, in or out of school premises, the list is endless

All machines are time tested and state-of the art, and come with full warranties.