18 February 2020


Saeco SG 200

The Saeco SG 200 Coffee Machine Product Specification:

The SG 200 is the latest design from European Manufacturer Saeco, featuring a newly designed door to suit the convenience store application.

The unit is completely self-sufficient and includes disposable cup, stirrer and portion-control sugar dispensers.
Programmable to operate with or without coin dispensers, the SG 200 will adapt to the individual sites requirements. Users can also customize their own blend and style of drink.

The SG 200 is capable of serving freshly ground espresso, processing from bean to espresso at the touch of a button. In addition to this the machine can serve hot beverages from soluble products as follows:

• Short espresso
• Long espresso
• White coffee
• Cappuccino
• Café Latte
• Mochaccino
• Hot Chocolate
• Soup

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