18 February 2020


Why Vend?

6 reasons why vending is a great option:

1. The income is passively earned
Vending machines are ideal salesmen. They silently sell your product for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

2. The potential to earn a full-time income is real
With vending, you can truly earn a fulltime income on part time hours. Many operators choose to retain their jobs and use vending to supplement their income.

3. Cash is king and immediate
This is an all-cash business. There are no bad checks, no credit risks, and no accounts receivable. The return on investment is immediate.

4. There will always be a market for convenient products
Convenience is highly influential factor in people’s spending habits. If a product is wanted and is there, now, people readily pay more for the instant gratification. That’s why vending works so well.

5. The time input required is extremely low
Vending machines needs to be serviced only once or twice a week. By servicing we mean restocking the machine and cleaning it. A large number of machines can be serviced in a very short time period. Vending is definitely a business with variable hours and lots of time off.

6. Expanding your business is easy
As you see your vending business succeed, you will probably wish to expand the passive income it brings you. That is so easy to do. Enlarging your stable of machines and finding appropriate locations is no problem, especially with our systems and the support we give you.

With Australians spending over $2.5 billion and Kiwi’s spending a further $500 million a year on vending machine goodies, it’s no wonder more and more companies and entrepreneurs are moving into the vending business.

But what vending machines are the most popular? What types of machines are available to vendors? And, most importantly, what are the major things to consider when starting your vending business?

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